10 of the Premier League’s greatest ever centre-backs (Videos)

The centre-back – The giants of the team. The bruisers, the warriors and the ones who are supposed to get their face in the way of any danger and carry on like nothing has happened when they get smashed for their troubles. The central defender position is not one for the weak, mentally or physically, nor is it suitable for someone with low levels of concentration.

The Premier League has seen some of the bravest, most ambitious centre-halves that world football has witnessed, and here we run through a list of 10 of the best.

There have been masses of sturdy pairings in the Premier League, with all of Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and most recently Manchester City boasting top, top players. 

Whether you like the ball-playing centre-back, the battlers who enjoy a scrap, or those monsters who haven’t lost a header since the dark ages, there is a player for you.

How about the 2006 Ballon d’Or winner to show us how to defend before we dive head-first into the list? Take a bow Fabio Cannavaro.

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