Football Friends Online – When 90 Mins Is Not EnoughWhy Gareth Bale isn’t so nailed-on for PFA player of the year - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough Why Gareth Bale isn’t so nailed-on for PFA player of the year - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough

Why Gareth Bale isn’t so nailed-on for PFA player of the year

This week the bookies have made Gareth Bale the early favourite to pick up the prestigious PFA player of the season award for the Premier League.  The award is voted for by fellow Premier league players and Bale has won the award once before in 2011.

Tottenham’s Welsh Wizard has been made odds on favourite early on priced at under evens in just about every bookmakers, his closest rival last year’s winner Manchester United’s Robin van Persie is priced at just over evens and Liverpool’s Luis Suarez is left as the clear outsider who is best priced at 10/1.

 Gareth Bale has been exceptionally impressive this year nobody can deny that, this is the first season in which he has consistently reached his full potential. He has shown periods of brilliance in previous seasons to suggest he has the outstanding ability particularly in 2011 but this year has really been Bale’s break-out year in a Spurs shirt.

He has scored 9 of Tottenham’s last 10 goals highlighting his importance to the side, with a grand total of 15 goals in 23 league appearances so far from midfield, Bale sits a top of the clubs goals scoring chart and has often single-handedly turned a disappointing result into a win for Spurs.  

The wingers scintillating form this season has drawn him regular plaudits this year with many comparisons between him and Cristiano Ronaldo being made in the press. Some have even claimed that the Welshman is the best in the world in the same class as the Portuguese talisman as well as four time Ballon d’or winner Lionel Messi.

Bale has looked like the complete package this year but for every bit of praise placed on his shoulders there is another cynic who thinks that Bale shouldn’t be anywhere near the same class as Messi and Ronaldo, there are even some who think Bale isn’t even the best in the Premiership.

 His closest rival Manchester United’s van Persie has had another magnificent year in the league at a different club but he has added that extra potency to United’s strike force with 19 goals in 26 games. His goals look to be the difference this year in the title race as United have cantered away from Manchester City opening up a 12 point lead with just 11 games to go.

At just over £20 million RVP wasn’t cheap but his goals have been priceless this year and he has repaid every single bit of faith put in him by his manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and many would put a claim forward to say that the Dutchman should  get the player of the year award for the second consecutive year.

Now Luis Suarez is a dividing figure in the English game you either love him or you hate him but you can’t deny that he has a special talent. This year has been his best in the English game by a long way with 18 goals in 26 games in the league and he has often carried his Liverpool team. The Uruguayan has an eye for goal and his tricks and direct dribbling style have made him a nightmare for Premiership defences all year round.

 I don’t think Luis Suarez is that far behind RVP and Bale for him to be priced so far out, in terms of ability he is most certainly on par but I feel it will be his reputation that lets him down in the awards season. 

The winner of the award is announced in April and if Gareth Bale can continue his unbelievable form then he will more than likely win it but I wouldn’t rule out RVP or Suarez sneaking in to land the accolade just yet if they can continue scoring goals. 

Joshua Weale