Have the Rooney rumours helped Manchester United?

The press cooked up a storm when they suggested Man United striker Wayne Rooney was set for the exit door at Old Trafford.

Is this, though, another publicity stunt though which has far from unsettled the Premier League leaders, but instead added strength to their resolve?

If you was betting on Rooney leaving or looking to bet on football in general you would find slashed odds on the England striker ending up at PSG this summer, with growing speculation that the flamboyant front man Zlatan Ibrahimovic is said to be disillusioned with life in France. Unibet will need to consider their latest offers with continued rumours that the Paris based club will make a £35million summer move for Rooney.

You would have to say so. The way Sir Alex Ferguson has refuted allegation will please supporters but the media have done something he may needed to do anyway.

It has given Wayne Rooney a kick up the proverbial backside and sent him the message that he is not untouchable after all. If Rooney wants to be a player seen as suitable for all conditions he has to show his worth in all games.

Robin van Persie has taken the mantle of being the club’s star asset and if the England international wants to wrench that title off of him he is going to have to earn it.

There is very little chance to Wayne Rooney will leave but if his motivation isn’t in tune then he may find himself on the bench more often.

The 2014 World Cup is on the horizon and Rooney will be firmly in the spotlight once again as people look to unsettle him from all corners of the press. If he is to avoid such rumours and start every big game in future, then he needs to ensure he is on the top of his game. This reminder to him can do nobody associated with Manchester United any harm.