Could lack of quality cost Stoke?

Tony Pulis mentioned it in his post match interview following the Newcastle United defeat – his side do not possess enough quality. There is genuine concern that Stoke could decline next season.

The Welsh manager may not be in danger of seeing his side relegated but having not won 1 in the last 9 fixtures, things are certainly not pretty.

A rejuvenation and fresh blood is essential if Stoke are to move forward. They may be a hard working outfit who can match any side for physicality but this is not enough.

It is essential that there is more flair inserted into the side and the attacking line is given a revamp too.

Peter Crouch may have been a great striker in his time but at 32 alongside Michael Owen whose glory days have long past shows that the Potters need to sign for the future.

Walters’ workrate is faultless but if there is to be a push to the next level the style of change does not necessarily need to change.

It is a working model, the personnel do need to be lifted though, so they are forced to not rest on their laurels as some of them have recently. It is make or break this next season for the ambition of Stoke, they could be sucked into the relegation battle in the 2013/14 campaign or strive for Europe once more.