PSG’s Leonardo a smooth operator (Video)

With all the negative coverage that surrounds footballers these days it is sometimes easy to forget that they are, in fact, regular human beings just like you and I (some of them at least).

After all they still have to eat and drink and reproduce just like the rest of the human race. This also extends to their romantic side, too, and in what is becoming something of a trend amongst footballers, PSG director of football Leonardo proposed to his girlfriend live on television following the Champions League quarter final draw.

Hardly the most romantic of times to do it but it is a nice gesture all the same. A better time to have done would have been following the Champions League final at Wembley withe PSG lifting the trophy but Leonardo knows in his heart of hearts that the French side probably won’t be able to overcome Barcelona in this round.

Real Madrid and Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas showed he had far better timing in showing his love for his woman on T.V when he kissed his girlfriend, who was at the time interviewing him, just after winning the world cup with Spain.

Those footballers are nothing but a bunch of softies really, aren’t they?