Shocking miss of the week (Video)

There’s always a good chuckle to be had when a footballer somehow manages to miss an open goal.

If we didn’t laugh we’d probably cry at the show of complete ineptitude that it takes to pull of a miss from about a yard out with nobody in front of you.

I imagine the players who have performed such a feat are never the same again. They aren’t able to look at a football in the same way and they have trouble sleeping every night, unable to even look at themselves in the mirror after such an embarrassing occurrence.

Perhaps football leagues around the would should set up therapy sessions for those who go through the experience of missing an open goal.

This shockingly-terrible miss is from a league I am not familiar with, but despite missing the goal the player can maybe take comfort that by hitting the post he has displayed some unerring accuracy. Just now where he wanted.

At least he didn’t do it in the Premier League or in a league where players are paid so highly it makes your eyes water. The player is probably still on a fair amount and if the owners were watching this particular game they would be asking questions as to whether or not it is sensible to pay someone who can’t score from a yard out.

Poor chap.