It’s high time the BBC get shot of Crooks

I imagine a smug grin upon the face of Garth Crooks when he releases his team of the week every Sunday or Monday evening. Unleashing his latest “expert opinion” on the footballing world was laughable at the very least, even more so considering he’s paid to spout his nonsensical garbage.

His latest was beyond parody, I like to think so anyway. Utilising Seamus Coleman at right-back was a fair choice. He did well against Manchester City and the manner of which they won and against the defending champions means he just edged Nathaniel Clyne out of a starting spot, something Crooks bizarrely overlooked.

No, instead Garth rekindled a tale as to who should be in his starting XI – Coleman of Luke Shaw, a left-back by trade. Commentator Jonathan Legard proclaimed the latter should’ve been in place, before his mind was swayed by the comments of Alan Shearer during Match of the Day. Not one word was spoken of Coleman’s performance on Saturday and, perhaps tellingly so, showcased where Crooks’ “journalistic” loyalties lie.

Secondly, although it may’ve been altered since it went live last night, Crooks proclaimed that Nacho Monreal performed admirably against Swansea and Bayern Munich over the past week, a fair enough assumption for the former, but the Spaniard didn’t play on Wednesday night against the Bundesliga side for the sole reason he was cup tied.

Another colossal f**k up from Crooks, who continuously sends out this trip on a weekly basis. The standards are dropping, and evidently so. The fact that he’s paid to lend his “expert opinion”, made all that much worse when he can’t even get his facts straight, is an absolute crime in itself. The sooner the BBC get shot of this bumbling buffoon, the better for the company and football as a whole.