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Footballer’s Cars- Infographic

These days, professional footballers are worldwide superstars. Their faces are plastered on billboards, their feet are insured for millions of pounds and they command incredibly high wages.

So it’s hardly surprising they drive the latest powerful and supremely expensive sports cars. And we’re all happy for them, right? We, here at MoneySupermarket certainly aren’t jealous. Not even a little bit. No way, Jose!

Anyhow, these gifted individuals certainly aren’t concerned with the rising costs that are commonly associated with motoring, which is in stark contrast to the average driver.

Most people, when looking for a new vehicle, will consider how many miles to the gallon it does, which road tax band it falls into and how much the car insurance will cost. These are important factors that we’re all likely to ponder.

It’s worth noting that not all footballers choose to drive around in expensive cars. Arsenal’s Thomas Vermaelen opted for a modest Nissan Figaro, which would set you back around £8,000, while other players are more than happy with the convenience of a Smart car.

For the players who are driving some of the world’s best performance cars it’s worth noting the old expression, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Somebody should have mentioned this to Cristiano Ronaldo before he managed to write-off his £200,000 Ferrari!

So in this infographic, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more extravagant cars that today’s footballers drive, and also take a little peak at some unfortunate incidents that have occurred to them.

Footballers’ Cars – An infographic by the Car Insurance team at MoneySupermarket