It’s time to ban the England band

It’s the worst thing to have ever happened in international football. No, forget Paul Gascoigne’s miss at Euro ’96, nor is it Frank Lampard’s goal that never was at the 2006 World Cup. Rather the persistent use of the “England Band” are their insistency of playing ‘The Great Escape’ over and over and over again.

If anything screams out ‘Modern Football’, more so than a random chump in the crowd filming his mates singing, jumping and dancing on his iPad. Ploughing into the depths of Twitter highlights the irrational hatred of the band as they continuously remain firmly on track to p**s off the entire nation, either watching on TV at home or at the ground itself.

Whenever you hear that incessant drumming from the stands, and the trumpet to match, fans across the country collectively hold their head in their hands and see their face go bright red following another embarrassing performance from those manning the instruments.

The tirade of abuse flung their way isn’t enough for them to disperse without so much as a whimper, with a number of Twitter folk proclaiming their love for the cookie monster sounding chap on the megaphone during the 1-1 draw with Montenegro on Tuesday night.