Mourinho Coming Home?

It seems as if Chelsea have finally done it, they have finally come full circle and now find themselves in the same spot they did in 2004 – on the verge of luring Jose Mourinho to the club.

 Having worked his way through a long list of managers for the best part of a decade Roman Abramovich has found himself in a dead end. Everyone who was willing to take the job and met the criteria has done so already, and anyone he wants seems to distance themselves from the role.

Now obviously this is not a done deal, nothing have been signed and sealed, but unlike most rumours in football this is actually a believable one.

Mourinho is set to leave Real Madrid in the summer and it is widely known that Rafael Benitez will be as far away from West London as humanly possible come mid-May.

Not only that, but the Special One has unfinished business at Stamford Bridge. He never managed to win the Champions League with the Blues and you can imagine that it is something that grates on the Portuguese perfectionist.

The benefits for Chelsea are obvious, guaranteed success being top of the list. It would certainly get the Chelsea boo boys back on side if the Russian brought Mourinho back in too.

And ex-Chelsea star Didier Drogba has admitted he wouldn’t be surprised to see his former boss back in charge of the Blues. He even went as far as to say that they should give the old guard new contracts – one step at a time Didi.  

James Haggis