Messi and Alves showing off (Video)

Is Dani Alves the best right back in the world?

He is certainly the most attacking and his display against PSG last week in the Champions League for Barcelona was excellent.

Alves is one of Barcelona’s mainstays, along with Iniesta, Xavi and Messi, and has made very significant contributions to the Catalan giant’s success.

The Brazilian very rarely stays in his right back position is often seen charging down Barcelona’s right wing to assist their attack.

His pass for Messi’s goal against PSG must go down as one of the best of the season. Firstly, Alves had the vision to pick Messi out in a crowd and secondly the audacity and flair to send in a beautiful pass with the outside of his right foot. Sublime.

The only criticism I have of Alves is his silly decision to dye his hair blond. He looks ridiculous but thankfully for Barca fans it doesn’t seem to have diminished any of his playing powers.

And it is no wonder that Alves had such a good game against PSG last week, if this footage of him warming up with Messi is anything to go by.

I think it is fair to say they both are displaying some rather good tekkers.