The best manager meltdown (Video)

Football is a game full of passion and intensity.

When your team loses it is absolutely crushing whereas a victory can leave you on the highest of highs. Obviously.

When your team loses and it is a result of some sort of injustice, though, that is when things can get very volatile.

Take this example from Bulgaria. Brotev Vratsa host CSKA Sofia and a Brotev player has been sent off for putting his hand up to stop a certain goal Suarez style. Rightly, in my opinion anyway, the player has been sent off and Sofia awarded a penalty.

The Brotev players protest their team-mate’s innocence but to no avail and Sofia score the subsequent penalty to go 2-1 up. For some reason the Sofia play looks almost sorry that he has scored which is a total nonsense because there is no doubt that it was a penalty.

Brotev’s manager, however, is enraged and proceeds to give the poor ref, who let us not forget has actually made the right decision, an almighty earful and then tears his cards up.

The silliest thing about it all? It is only 20 minutes into the match which leaves 70 mins for Brotev to find an equaliser.