Fifa 13 or Pro Evolution Soccer 13

Year after year computer games such as Fifa 13 and pro Evolution Soccer 13 have been the 2 most recognised football video games for X-Box and PS3, but which one is better??

Lets start with Fifa 13, the advantages for the games is that it uses all the official information such as jerseys, sponsors and player names. It also has realistic game play in which the player will move in a way that the real life player does when playing football. Stadiums are so realistic, the detail is very fine- tuned not missing as single item. The tournaments that Fifa 13 have are very similar to Pro Evolution Soccer, both titles have Champions league but under a different name, career mode is very similar and customisation.

Pro Evolution Soccer 13 is very similar to Fifa 13 in game play wise, but does not have the licence for official team names, jerseys or sponsors, but the graphics are unbelievable when it comes to the Uefa Champions League as it show the exact advertisement and the Champions league anthem before every game which is very cool.

My question to everyone in the footballing world is which one do you play and which one do you prefer.

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