Nolstagic Thierry Henry moment (Video)

When he was at the peak of his powers, at his very best, Thierry Henry was the finest football player in the world.

Arsenal’s legendary front man had it all; the exquisite touch, blistering pace, nonchalant flair and ice cold in front of goal. How Gooners wish they could have a 26 year old Thierry Henry in the team now. There would be no more talk about the lack of silverware, that’s for sure.

Arsene Wenger needs to make a marquee signing in the summer; a blockbuster, show stopping signing that is a statement of intent that Arsenal are ready to trade blows and challenge for the title again.

Whether or not that happens is a conversation for another day. This here blogger would like to point you in the direction of this rather brilliant clip instead.

A preseason game ahead of the 2005-2006 season and there’s ol Thierry showing off some lovely tekkers. Long ball down the field; one touch to control it (on the thigh no less), another to pop over the defender and the third to finish it into the top corner.

So, take in another moment of Henry brilliance and remember just how special a player he really was.