Shocking penalty miss of the century (Video)

Sometimes when you’re having a bad day there is only one thing that can lighten the mood; and that one thing is completely farcical penalty miss.

So, it is a good thing then that I have for you a truly shocking, terrible and hilarious penalty for your viewing pleasure.

Emmanuel Adebayor’s penalty for Spurs against Basel last week was pretty terrible but even Adebayor’s, ahem, attempt at scoring from six yards out pales in comparison to this.

This player may very well point out that the pitch he is playing on appears to be in very poor condition but it does not mask the fact that he missed the ball as he went to take his penalty. Missed the whole ball.

In comical fashion the player manages to send it to his right with his left foot which surely makes this penalty miss the worst one of the year, maybe even of this century. I know Wayne Rooney had a particular bad one a few seasons back, and they are rumours that it is still in orbit, but this is a diabolical attempt at a penalty.

Enjoy this, then, and allow it cheer you up if you are in particualrly bad mood. Or, if that is not the case, revel in its sheer stupidity.