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Bend it like Beckham

David Beckham, the legendary midfielder from Leytonstone, London, England, the man has done it all, he has represented his country, winning the premier league title 6 times, FA Cup twice and one champions league final victory but has he still got it to be called up for a place in the England National team for World Cup 2014.

The 37 year-old started his professional career at Manchester United wher he spent 10 years at the Red Devils making 265 appearances and scoring 62 goals. He then was approached by Real Madrid for the Galacticos which featured many high-rated players in the squad, many of the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Raul, Ronaldo, and Luis Figo. This was a dream team for the ages as every player wanted to be in the starting eleven but as you can imagine, it was a very tough battle to acquire first place in the squad. Beckham bagged 13 goals from 116 appearances.

The English international was on the move once again as he was targeted by LA Galaxy in which they saw him a major draw card to boost the sport of football in the USA, memberships and revenue. As you could imagine the number 23 jersey for the American team had sky-rocketed in revenue for the club as people travelled from far to just catch a glimpse of the dead situation when Beckham would capitalise. he would feature in practically every match putting his name on the score-sheet 18 times in 98 matches.

A loan move to Milan was in the makig as he wanted a change of scenery before hooking up with the superstars at Paris Saint Germain.

In my opinion, I think that David Beckham still has got the energy and drive to encounter another world-cup call-up as he will blend in easy to the England team and all the younger players will learn form him and gel as a team and he has enough experience and skill to one day be a manager.

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