Ronaldo the original (Video)

Having the surname Ronaldo must indicate some sort of footballing greatness.

Two of the best players from the past 15 years have shared the name of Ronaldo and a pretty good one was called Rivaldo, which isn’t far off. The common denominator here is that they are all of south American origin and it is safe to say that they know a thing or two about playing the wonderful game of football.

The original Ronaldo, the Brazilian one who once sported one of the most ridiculous haridos ever seen, was a goal machine. Blessed with incredible speed and unerring finishing, he was able to thrive at top clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

His performances on the international stage for Brazil are the stuff of legend having managed to achieve two Golden Boots in two separate tournaments.

During his later years, though, he has gained a reputation for being an overweight indulgent kind of chap. Which is fine, you know, you’re a footballer, the pay is good, why not indulge? But his football did suffer and everybody started to refer him as ‘fat’ Ronaldo.

With this recent goal for his new team in the Brazilian league, he appears to want to see how far he can stretch the phrase ‘form is temporary, class is permanent.

A fine goal nonetheless and maybe, just maybe, he could try and lose a bit of weight.