Grassroots vs. the big leagues

As a regular viewer of my local non league men’s team, It got me thinking, how big is the difference in the way we watch amateur compared to professionals?
It was the 27th of April, the game was set to kick off at Forest boys school in Horsham at 2.30pm. I arrived with a few members of the home team, one being Max Reeves, captain at age 18 and also temporary manager of AFC Forest. As a former member of the school in which they represent and my old P.E teacher as the manager and various of my close friends making up a large chunk of the squasd, I feel a connection to the team, you could say I’m their biggest fan and have travelled to away games…one, in fact, and that was a cup final! Glory hunter, ey? Their game was against Worthing Leisure in the Worthing & District Football League – Division 1.
The AFC Forest men’s team played against Worthing Leisure’s 1st team in the Mike Smith memorial trophy last week and lost 1-0 to a last minute goal, so revenge was on the cards for Forest. I got thinking during the game, every professional game I’ve been to see, I largely forget the game itself, only special moments, I.e, incredible goals. I was wondering why and I think it’s the entire spectacle of the match itself when it’s a top-flight game. For example, the last game I went to go see was Brighton at home against a team I cannot remember for the life of me. I’m not sure wether that proves my point or my memory is poor but I can remember such poignant parts such as absolute stonker of a goal from Inigo Calderon from the edge of the area and it ripped into the far top corner and the weird kid next to me wearing a full black track suit and gloves in the middle of summer. 
I came to the conclusion in the end that I think when you’re at a low level game where you can count the spectators on your fingers, you have the ability to watch the game without the glitz and glamour of a top flight game. Whereas when you’re at say the Emirates or Old Trafford, you’re very much part of a spectacle and other things can catch your attention, like the chanting and the best bit leading up to games is the walk to the ground, you get absorbed in the day and by in large I think that’s amazing on the day but I don’t think watching a more grassroots level game is all that bad for you and can humble you in some aspects. Also, AFC Forest won 3-2 and got another cup final this Friday coming, go on the reds!