Set piece masters

Free kicks are simple, all you are required to do is to get the ball inside the nets and run around with your team in celebration right? How hard can it really be, you just strike the ball right? You curl it around a wall of defenders and you simply beat the keeper right? No Wrong. Many of you play fifa and even then you find it difficult to convert a free kick and all you’re doing is pushing a couple of buttons.

This video or rather the players in this video make it look so easy. The technique required to curl a ball inward, push it wide, curl it outward, or even striking it with such power that the keeper spills it or it dips right before the goals. These players have a built in finesse button and the amazing ability to manipulate the ball movement and for some of them the shape itself.

Sit back and enjoy the set piece masters, I know I did. Even felt brave enough to try some out and successfully so, But there was no keeper, or defense. . . Okay I shot at open nets but it still felt good.