Who controls the Arsenal midfield? Wilshere on Rosicky?

Jack Wilshere – or rather Mr Arsenal as he was dubbed by the fans – is really something special.

This English wonder kid as exceed all expectations and overcome so many injuries. As a player in the Arsenal youth team he earned himself the number 7 jersey showing promise as the next big thing in the game of football. Showing signs of promise as he entered the first team and proudly wore the number 19 jersey, he was quickly tagged as the wonder kid. Now wearing the number 10 at Arsenal and will soon be captain as this young lad bleeds ‘Arsenal Juice’ , let’s see what he is capable of with no injuries and regular game time  

Although Wilshere seems to be well beyond his years in his abilities and is already a massive player, there is one who he should aspire to be like. The amazing Tomas ‘Little Mozart’ Rosicky. There’s only one word for this man and that is PHENOMENAL. Instrumental to the team and a complete game changer. Brought in by Mr Wenger  to fill the void of former number 7 Robert Pires, this man has changed the passing game The Gunners play so well and just made it look a lot easier to the eye. You are sure to scream as you watch this.

These two are rightfully the most influential players i the game and their vision makes football the beautiful game that it is.