Incredible own goal (Video)

As far as own goals go this has to be one of the silliest ever.

I thought Gareth Barry’s excellent effort for Man City against Southampton earlier this year would be the best one I see this season but this hilarious act tops it and takes first place on my best own goals list.

Own goals are a result of a serious error but to call this a serious error would be something of an understatement. Think more a result of total balls up thrown in with some incredible stupidity.

The footage shows the poor chap crying as he comes off the field following his horruendous cock up. To be fair to him, if any of us did such a silly thing we would all be crying too.

Being a team-mate would perhaps be an even more difficult task than being that goalkeeper. How do you comfort him without cracking up as you remember exactly what happened? It is a vicious circle I tell you.

So, lighten up your Saturday afternoon by indulging in this fantastic moment of goalkeeping silliness and error. 

It may take a while for this Romanian goalkeeper to recover from something this traumatic so let us spare a thought for him too.