End of the season…what are we going to do?!

I hate this time of year especially when there is no international tournament to help us through the summer to the start of the new domestic season. 

Mind you, those tournaments (the last two anyway) have been tiresome in their own right so maybe I should be happy that there is just a little break from the game. It is a time to reassess, gather our thoughts and brace ourselves for a flurry of rumours about Falcao going to Chelsea and Stoke signing Mat Hummels. Or something.

We already know there will be some new managers – most notably at Manchester United, Chelsea and Man City – but there is also movement lower down the table with Stoke ousting that odd chap who loved wearing baseball caps. Apparently Mark Hughes is in line to take over which is like replacing a flat tyre with thin strip of rubber that has been chewed for days by an angry tiger.

But no matter how many times Sky Sports tell me their sources have heard unconfirmed reports of so and so going to such and such a place it simply isn’t enough to sufficiently replace that football sized void which has opened up since last weekend’s final round of games.

Yes, I know of the Confederations Cup but it just isn’t the same, is it? 

Well, at least it is the summer time and the weather will be so blisteringly warm that it will help us all forget about the lack of football. Right?