Arsenal confirm interest in Ligue 1 midfielder

With Arsenal fans calling out for more bodies in the somewhat frail midfield of the red half of North London, and with the board of Arsenal hinting there is a bit of money to play with, Clement Grenier suits the bill.



 I’ll admit, I don’t watch a lot of French football; I catch the odd game now and again and luckily saw parts of Lyon’s Europa League run this year in which Clement was involved in, and to be honest, I can’t really remember him doing anything amazing, I remember an amazing Samuel Umtiti goal from the two legs, but that’s it. He could have been an absolute engine and provided numerous assists in the game, but his stats across the entire season are rather impressive. Many fans, including I, believe that Arsenal need steel in the midfield, especially when Diaby seems like he should be turned into glue and Frimpong having a volatile temperament to say the least, is another playmaker the right idea?



With a somewhat breakthrough season due to Yoann Gourcuff AKA the beautiful man, struggling with injuries this season, even speculation of Grenier wanting to quit the French club the season before last due to having limited opportunities, he has been valued at £8 million. With 27 appearances, 7 goals and 8 assists, he has indeed captured a glimpse from Wenger, who in an interview said that he has had his scouts watching the U21 French international, one of the 7 goals was a wicked 30+ yard free kick that brought back fond memories of Juninho’s free kicks. He also added he is the new Samir Nasri, and as an Arsenal fan myself, I would really like that tag to be dropped straight away. So let’s hope for Arsenal fans sake, he is like Nasri in quality, but Matt Le Tissier-esque in loyalty, am I right!?


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