Manchester City man wants contract extension under new manager

 With the ex-England midfielder entering his final year at Manchester City, the 32-year-old is keen to tie himself down at the Etihad for as long as possible, but without Mancini at the reins, who had faith in the midfielder, his future is up in the air at the moment.


 Now, I’m not sure if this is a general consensus, but he really isn’t good is he? Sure he can spray a pass now and again, but he is painfully one footed and appears both legs are made out of wood. Especially with Manchester City having the ability to flex their financial power and they have Gareth Barry holding the midfield, he’s alright, but not title contenders quality. He did make 41 appearances this year but I can’t remember anything of note in which may see him offered a new contract, the only poignant memory is his Reggie Blinker against Swansea(?) where he calmly slotted in a right footed shot…into his own net past Joe Hart.




He is reportedly expected to take a pay-cut from £120,000 a week to a “basic” salary of £70k, which in my opinion is ridiculous for him, he’d be one of the top earners at Arsenal with the reduced wage, and they finished 2 positions below City.  With the final year of his contract probably likely to run at the wage he signed for and then more than likely a 1 year rolling of 70,000, he will be earning nearly 9 million in the next two seasons, surely City can get a better grade of player, who’s younger for a better wage? It may seem like I have some vendetta against Gaz Baz, but I can’t get my head around City’s wage structure. On the other hand, if Manuel Pellegrini does come in, his philosophy dictates quick, free flowing football and will Barry be able to conform to that? Not exactly gonna break from deep and his passing range can sometimes be dire. Could be the end of big Baz’s time in Manchester if he doesn’t impress the new boss, wahoo! 


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