Is it time up for Arsenal forward?

If reports in The Metro are to believed then things will certainly be less colourful at Arsenal next season with the Enigma that is Gervinho being linked with a loan move to Lyon.

The Ivory Coast man has throughout his career been a figure who has caused fans to tear many a stream of hair out, given that it is hard to imagine a Premier League footballer doing things as badly as he can do on occasions but then there is that rare moment where he issues a glimpse that there might be more in him than the the persistent pragmatic displays.

Nevertheless this seasons return of just five goals and three assists is nothing to write home about whether you think Gervinho is a flawed magician or simply a terminally flawed footballer, so with that in mind it is no surprise that Arsene Wenger might be running out of patience on the player who cost £10 million not so long ago. Along with that Wenger is not exactly getting any younger and lets face it watching the Gervihno roulette regularly is hardly healthy even for a young Gunner. This season there has been the odd glimpse of things clicking however every time it looked like it might just be happening Gervinho followed up the promise with a characteristic series of erratic displays.

If Arsenal are to kick on then you can’t help but feel that a player who to often struggles to hit a barn door might need to be dispensed with and for those of who love to watch enigmas such as Gervihno where you simply have not idea what he will do next then that would certainly be bad news. Further to that the Premier League would lose one of its great forehead’s.