Liverpool consider bid for Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez

Yes, you read the title correctly. Liverpool are preparing a bid for Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez. The Argentine striker has repeatedly shared his desire to leave the club in order to be closer to his family who reside in Argentina, so although he wants out of Eastlands I am not sure the distance between Liverpool and Manchester is substantial enough to force a move through…

Liverpool are preparing for the loss of Luis Suarez who has also revealed that he wants a move away from England, but rather than his family being away from his he has blamed the press.

Both forwards are likely to be playing abroad next season, but that wont stop Brendan Rodgers making a bid for Tevez. However, the 29-year-old is said to be on around £200,000-a-week at City which the Reds are unlikely to be able to match, so now both the salary and location are hindrances.

The former Manchester United forward has just a year on his contract at City, but after scoring 17 goals in all competitions last year Maunel Pellegrini will be wanting to hang on to the striker.

If you can keep Tevez happy and turn his focus onto playing the game, he could be the difference between City regaining the Premier League trophy.