Where will Wayne Rooney end up? A closer look at the Manchester United striker’s options

One of the hottest properties of football, he is unsettled at the moment and he has the potential to tear down a defence. Yes, it is Wayne Rooney. The star striker has been below his standards for pretty much all of the 12/13 season and his lack of formdropped him down the pecking under the ruthless Sir Alex Ferguson.

Being ‘The Wayne Rooney’, he probably couldn’t tolerate anyone undermining his abilities. Getting dropped in the most important game of the season (against Real Madrid) and getting substituted often has caused frustration.

Now many would argue on whether his decision to leave is right or not, but despite being a Manchester United fan, I can clearly understand why he would consider leaving. Possibly his lack of form is what irritates him and he think it is the club that is dragging him down so he thinks he should leave. Maybe Sir Alex playing him in every position on the pitch has really ticked him off. But whatever the reason may be, where would he go?

The answer, by the fans, to this question is Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, PSG and some ambitious ones even say Bayern Munich but here I will analyse where Wayne Rooney would go this transfer window.
First let’s talk about Bayern Munich. Matthias Sammer, Bayern’s sporting director has ruled out Wayne joining the club.

“I don’t know what Rooney would bring to the Bundesliga,” Sammer said. “I can’t answer that. I can answer that we have great respect for Wayne Rooney but there has been no contact with him. There is no contact and he’s not on the agenda. No, no. Absolutely not.”

I guess this silences the folks talking about the recently crowned European champion’s interest in the Englishman. Next up is money bags Paris Saint-Germain. They will offer Man Utd a good amount of cash and will give Wazza a bucket load of money every week. If Zlatan leaves, he is the best to replace the Swede but despite all the rumors and the team seeming perfect for him, I feel a move to France is highly unlikely. English players tend to stay in their country rather than move abroad and with a new baby and his wife’s settlement in England, moving to Paris is not the brightest of ideas. Failing to adapt to France and their football could cause harm to Wayne’s career and family.

With leaving England seeming unlikely, we have Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea wanting the frontman. Wayne Rooney once almost left the club because of their lack of ambition and joining arsenal will be quite hilarious as their ambition is highly questioned in the country. Having won 5 premier league medals, why would Wayne want to downgrade to a club like Arsenal? Now we have the two high spending power houses of England. Man City and Chelsea. Going to City will be absolutely irrational for the ex Everton player. I think he loves his life in the country and wants to avoid being hated like former Man Utd player Carlos Tevez. It is clear that Wayne is unsettled at Old Trafford but we can’t deny his amazing work with United in the past, Wayne is smart enough to know the consequences of moving down the block, to the blue side of Manchester. Another plus point for United is that Manchester City are not highly interested in Wayne and are looking to boost their frail midfield at the earliest. Now we have Chelsea, a very possible choice for Wayne. Going to London wouldn’t be bad for him. With Jose Mourinho in charge and Wayne leading the attack of Chelsea, a premier league trophy is quite likely for the blues. He would get the fresh start he wants but I think despite all this, he would stay at united.

A big reason for Wayne to leave the club, is the manager and now that the manager is gone, why not stay at the club at which the fans adore you and you’ve had a great 9 years at? Sure the fans will be a bit troubled with his lack of commitment but deep down Wayne knows that staying in the same environment is better for his family and having David Moyes in the dugout could help his form. Yes the two have bad a rift a while ago but Moyes is the man that developed Wayne. He knows his play better than anyone and it is quite clear that staying at old Trafford could bring back his devastating form.

It won’t surprise me if Wayne ends up signing a 4-year-deal in the next month and retrieves his goal scoring form to shape the much anticipated but never at it’s best, attack with Robin van Persie.

Signing a young and talented winger and central midfielder while keeping Wayne at the Old Trafford could mean great things for the Red Devils and I really can’t wait to see what’s in store for Manchester United.