Manchester City’s new Brazilian: Fernandinho (Video)

Manchester City have not wasted any time in augmenting their squad following the end of a disappointing, and trophyless campaign.

Roberto Mancini has packed his bags and Manuel Pellegrini is ready to be announced as the Italian’s successor.

Spain winger Jesus Navas was signed up for £20m last week and the club then unveiled Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho as their latest addition to the squad for another £30m. The transfer fees are simply water of a duck’s back for clubs such as Manchester City and we will most likely see even more signings before the summer is finished.

As a neutral, Fernandinho is an exciting prospect. For starters, he is Brazilian and we all know what they can do with the ball at their feet (except you, Andre Santos) but he appears to be cut from the same midfield cloth as his compatriot Ramires. With a slightly bigger head. 

Fernandinho was part of a very successful and skilful Shakhtar Donetsk team who dazzled fans with their vibrant attacking play. City will be hoping he will be able to adapt to the Premier League without much fuss and if he possesses the same tireless workrate as Ramires then City have a made a very good purchase indeed.

Until August, though, here is a quick look at what he can do in front of goal, something Chelsea discovered themselves first hand.