Juventus in a transfer dilemma

Drama, drama drama….The current Italian champions are looking to secure maybe 3 of the elite strikers in Europe, but who could it be?

1st victim: Gonzalo Higuain, everyone in the footballing world knows what he is capable of and also could make a great strike partnership with Fernando Llorente. The Bianconeri could be signing the Argentinian striker in coming days, we just have to wait and see.

2nd victim: Carlos Tevez, the Manchester City reject that has been told by jis club that he is no longer wanted next season. The Old lady lady look set to pounce on the Argentine but now all of a sudden comes AC Milan, Galliani expects Tevez not to let him down and sign for the Rossoneri, again just have to wait and see.

3rd victim: Stevan Jovetic, the Montenegrin sensation from Fiorentina is looking to move away from the Italian side and he has many suitors looking for his signature. Arsenal, Juventus and Chelsea. Jose Mourinho has just been confirmed as Chelsea coach and is looking to poach the deal from Juventus as it looks like its a three way tie with the European giants. The asking price is 30mil euros, Juventus had offered Fabio Qagliarella plus 16 mil euro but the Tuscan side had rejected the deal, the deal now is 30 mil euros cash only.

Stay tuned as to who will get who.

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