Life after football (Video)

Gone are the days when many an ex-pro could be found pulling a pint down at his newly purchased boozer or opening a string of sports shops. Today’s football retiree can be found in many reincarnations. From the failsafe of coaching, to even becoming a football agent or most commonly these days, an easy gig imparting knowledge from the safety of the TV Studio.

Yesterday, the question was posed on this very site as to “How much longer does Fabio Borini have to impress Liverpool?”. And it’s a very pertinent one too. It doesn’t take the most ardent LFC fan to notice that the poor lad hasn’t played much this season. When he has, well, there’s not been much to write home about, let’s be honest. Whether through poor form or injury. In view of that, the thought of life after footie may not be a too distant one for Borini. 

However, our writer Joshua Weale need ponder no more. Like so many of Borini’s ex-Liverpool peers such as John Barnes, Jamie Redknapp and Robbie “God” Fowler, he is preparing for life after the beautiful game by becoming a TV Pundit. The little gem below shows him and his new partner in crime (quite literally on this evidence), Jose Enrique gearing up for their new roles and getting a feel for life away from the pitch.

Like a modern day Saint & Greavsie – Or should I say Sent & Grivsy with a continental accent – the pair exchange a few jokes, whilst struggling to read the “auto-cue”. We all know you have to start somewhere but for Borini, if he doesn’t polish up his act next season he might well have to get used to life in the Studio.

My verdict may seem a little bit harsh, but as the classic saying goes… “It’ a funny old game, Saint!”

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