Arsenal defender unhappy at club – video

Here’s one for you. Andre Santos walked into the Arsenal ranks. Yep, the Brazilian is the joke. ITV Football are reporting that the dodgy left-back is unhappy at his return to north London after his six month loan deal in his homeland with Gremio. For what it is worth, Andre, I don’t think many Gunners will be too pleased you’re back either.

Bombing down the wings is a vital trait for the modern day full-back, which Santos does possess, but when you have as much defensive ability as Gordon Brown then you will be ripped to shreds by everyone and everything.

The final straw for Arsenal fans was when he openly swapped shirts with Robin van Persie at half time during Arsenal’s tie with Manchester United back in November despite the Dutchman doing the dirty on them previously, but don’t worry Gooners, I don’t think you will be seeing him in the first team any time soon.

He told ITV: “My loan deal is over. It was six months long and now I am returning. Gremio had an agreement with Arsenal and I have to return. I wanted to stay. Gremio were fair regarding everything. I felt well there and I wanted to win a title before leaving. Unfortunately there is no deal and I had to return to Arsenal.