The sooner Suarez leaves Liverpool the better

Liverpool legend turned TV Pundit Jamie Carragher has told Sky that Liverpool should not allow Suarez to “do a Torres” by leaving at the eleventh hour in the transfer window. I have to say, I couldn’t agree more. Brendan Rodgers has put a lot of effort into securing the signatures of Iago Aspas, Luis Alberto and Simon Mignolet among others which is all very commendable as he tries to make Liverpool a viable contender for honours next season. 

However, I hope that as well as getting bums on seats, the guys “working behind the scenes” as Rodgers is fond of saying are putting as much effort into getting shot of Suarez. The sooner he goes, the sooner Liverpool can concentrate on putting a team together. I’ve never been a great fan of Suarez in all honesty. I thought his ease of going to ground early on in his Liverpool career didn’t impress me. Then we had the “racism” thing and lastly, well we all know about that… To say his attitude has been disrespectful is a total understatement and I, for the life of me, cannot see why LFC fans are so supportive of him.

He has been an embarrassment to the club on too many occasions, in exchange for moments of brilliance. Since the racism thing, he should have been finished with Liverpool. It doesn’t matter how big a talent he is. The fact that many players and the manager at the time leapt to his defence, to the extent that they did, is a crying shame. John Barnes called it a witch hunt. Eh? When you go into your neighbours house, you must respect it. Act in accordance with the people who live in it. If you crap on the carpet, they’ll probably treat you harsher than they would their own. He cites the press as driving him out, but it doesn’t stop him using them to engineer a move to greener grass.

Returning to football from the moral high ground, there is also good footballing reason for selling Suarez. It’s clear that the team plays better without him. There was a very good article on recently that made an in-depth analysis of Liverpool’s play with and without Suarez in the side. The conclusion, to cut a long story short, was that Liverpool are a more balanced side without Suarez. They also make more scoring chances. For example, I doubt Daniel Sturridge would have scored a hat-trick against Fulham had Suarez been playing. Retaining possession longer means other players can be used instead of trying to waiting for Suarez to get up off the turf. The point is made, quite correctly, that many moves break down due to Suarez’ losing possession in attack, allowing the opposition to counter-attack the space that’s been created in the in-possession movement.

Suarez is a good player, no doubt about it. However, I don’t think he is the saviour of Liverpool. To say that his inclusion in the side is the difference between improving the side and not is naive. He done a good job for the team before the arrival of Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho but that’s about it. Thanks and good bye. With the imminent arrival of Aspas and Alberto, I think the attacking options are pretty much covered for Liverpool now. So, as I say, the sooner the guy goes, the better it’ll be for all concerned. For Luis Suarez and most importantly Liverpool Football Club.