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Neymar could take Europe by storm (Video)

Brazil are safely through to the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup, where they will face Uruguay, and the host nation has been producing some fantastic football during their opening three matches. One man though is taking all the headlines and rightly so considering how good he has been. Barcelona’s newest signing looks like he has all the attributes required to be extremely successful in Europe and he could be facing off against most of his future teammates if results go the way they are expected to.

Neymar has spent his youth and first years as a professional footballer playing in Brazil. He has already achieved success with Santos, most notably lifting the 2011 Copa Libertadores, which is the Champions League equivalent. He has been touted for many years as the ‘new Ronaldo’, due to similarities with his compatriot. His goal scoring ability, speed, dribbling skills and ability to strike a free-kick are all attributes that have resulted in Barcelona spending almost £50m to sign him this summer. Fans are now drooling at the prospect of him linking up with Argentine wizard Lionel Messi at Camp Nou and whether they can form an effective partnership.

What has been so incredible during the Confederations Cup is that he has looked so relaxed from the very beginning, despite the fact that he has the European media gazing upon him and analysing his every touch, as well as the hopes of the home nation weighing upon his young and slender shoulders. He took less than five minutes to get his first goal and it was a stunning half volley finish with his right foot that arrowed into the top corner of the Japanese net. Technique, precision and power all contained within the one movement and an indication of what to expect from the 21-year-old.

Since then he has scored against both Mexico and Italy and exudes the confidence of a player that knows he is extremely talented. Whether he will be able to lift his side when they are struggling is perhaps the real test, although we may only see this occur if they end up facing Spain in the final. Until then I hope that he continues to perform to the extremely high standards that he has set himself, and a few more stunning goals wouldn’t go amiss either!

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