Why Scott Parker should move on from Tottenham to end his career in style (video)

At the age of 32 Scott Parker is moving into the latter stages of his career and after several difficult injury problems Parker is not the player he once was. The problem he has now whilst playing at Spurs is the competition that has arisen in his position, it is clear that Andre Villas-Boas preferred the big Brazilian Sandro to Parker when he was fit and when Sandro does return Parker may find it difficult to find a place in midfield. Add to those two the potential arrival of another Brazilian Paulinho who has shone at the Confederations Cup Parker will really have his work cut out to get into the first team.

For these reasons I think it would be beneficial to Scott Parker for him to move on from Tottenham and find a club where he can really become a midfield force again. Now I am not saying Parker is not as capable a player as Sandro or Paulinho just that he does not suit the anchor role at Spurs as well as the other two would in that system.

Parker would do well to find a club where there is not so much expectation on him to be as important in attack as he is in defending. Parkers strengths lie in his ability to smother opposition attacks and break them up and set the wheels in motion for counter attacks, that is what he does best. At Spurs though he is also expected to be getting on the end of the attacks he starts, something which he does not come as naturally to him.

He would certainly be an asset to most Premier League teams purely for the commitment, passion and character he would bring to any side and Tottenham would be willing to sell for the right price if they do eventually bring in Paulinho. So I think for Scott Parker the best thing for him to do at this stage in his career would be to move onto another club where he can concentrate on doing what he does best and not have to worry about trying to adapt to a new style.