Manchester United working on deal for midfielder, but what about his dad?

With all the media surrounding Thiago Alcantara, I thought I’d have a quick run through on his footballing dad, Mazinho. 

Born in 1966 in Santa Rita, Brazil, Iomar do Nascimento, Mazinho was born and was signed by Vasco De Gama in 1985 and made seventy-nine appearances over a five year period. He was a five foot nine left-back who could double up as a defensive midfielder and made that his primary posistion in the late 90’s and was somewhat of a journey man in his career and played for a total of nine clubs over a eighteen ear career. He also played for Palmerias in Brazil and Vitoria in Brazil. He moved to Italy to play for Lecce and Fiorentina before his stint in Spain with Celta Vigo and Elche. Celta Vigo being the team that he spent the longest time in his career and appeared for the Spanish club one hundred and fourteen times and scored seven goals. 
Here are some of his achievements in his club and International career:
– World Cup in 1994
– Copa America in 1989 with Brazil
– Campeonato Carioca (Rio de Janeiro State championship) in 1987 and 1988 with Vasco da Gama
– Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian championship) in 1989 with Vasco da -Gama, in 1993 and 1994 with Palmeiras
– São Paulo State championship in 1993 and 1994 with Palmeiras
– São Paulo Tournament in 1993 with Palmeiras
I am presuming people know more about his sons than the man himself, so I deemed this being worthy writing about. There is a story that during Thiago’s early days with the Barcelona set up that if Mazinho judged Thiago to be too flashy or selfish, he would whistle and shout to his son and scold him from the stands, that’s what Thiago’s got, loads of potential and one pushy father behind him urging him to greatness.