Ronaldo likely to stay at Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo seems like he will be a Real Madrid player for the foreseeable future, but it got me wondering how close he was to leaving Spain.
Ronaldo has been linked back to the Premier League ever since he did leave Manchester United and become the most expensive player in history back in 2009. He recently reiterated his love for his time in Manchester and claims they’re some of his fondest memories in his illustrious footballing career. Also, he has been constantly linked with following Jose Mourinho to Chelsea this summer, he definitely seemed to flourish under Mourinho and has scored two hundred and one goals in one hundred and ninety nine games for Madrid and the “Special One” will sing the praises of the Portuguese striker till the cows come home, he was definitely keen to bring Ronaldo with him to London.
Ronaldo was also seen in Monaco during the off-season which sparked a massive media storm suggesting he was close to joining the revolution of the newly-monied AS Monaco and join a wealth of signings such as Radamel Falcao, James Rodriquez and Joao Moutinho. Cristiano nearly put himself in it by saying “I’m not saying I’d never join Monaco” but then confirmed he will honour his contract at the Bernabeu, will he sign a new contract with the Los Blancos? I don’t think he will, but he will be 30 when his contract expires and will he still retain his superhuman like athleticism that makes his world class? I’m not sure, time will tell.
As an Arsenal fan, I’d only like to see an underpowered Cristiano Ronaldo return, he gave me very many torrid times during his Manchester United tenure and would like him to be a hindrance for United instead of helping them. The romantic in me wants him to be this jaw dropping forever, though. I think a move back to England may have been on the cards but the politics surrounding Ronaldo and Madrid caused it to collapse and CR7 is covering himself up and keeping the peace with Real Madrid fans.