How high will transfer fees go? (Video)

With rumours that PSG are about to smash the French transfer record by spending £60m on Edinson Cavani, just how high are transfers likely to go during the next five years? Newly promoted Monaco have already lavished close to £50m on Falcao, whilst Real Madrid hold the overall record, set back in 2009 when they purchased Cristiano Ronaldo. Is there any sense to spending so much on one player or is it just too big a risk?


Clearly in Ronaldo’s case it has certainly been worth it, as the Portuguese star has scored more than a goal per game since arriving in Madrid and they have managed to win the league and other trophies as a result. We will have to wait and see what kind of influence Falcao can have on French football, as is also the case should Cavani complete his transfer to the capital.

Merchandising sales are certainly helped by big money signings, as is the attractiveness of selling television rights to overseas countries. Fans across the world want to see the best players every week, so if a club can sign one or two megastars then it becomes easier for them to negotiate with broadcasters and agree on a lucrative deal.

The downside is that these clubs are spending a huge amount of money on one player, who will certainly feel the burden of expectation upon his shoulders. If things don’t quite go to plan from the start, such as Fernando Torres at Chelsea or Andy Carroll at Liverpool, then not only does the player himself suffer, but the club looks foolish and the fans are quick to point fingers at inept management who they believe are responsible for wasting money.

Are we going to see the first ever £100m deal occur soon or will financial fair play rules prevent such wild occurrences? At the end of the day, there are only so many billionaire owners who are willing to fund such extravagances so we could be waiting a bit longer to see this day come.

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