One to watch: Manolo Gabbiadini (Video)

Now, bear with me whilst I explain to you the circumstances under which I became familiar with Manolo Gabbiadini.

I wish I could say that it is a result of me being a aficionado on Italian football and that I have charted his short career from the moment he was first scouted. But this would be a lie.

No, the truth is I discovered him playing FIFA 13. I know, I know but he is one of those hidden gems in the game and as I started a career in charge of Juventus I soon discovered that the boy is indeed very talented (in the game at least). 30 goals a season there, 20 assists a season here; he was absolute dynamite.

Of course, I became intrigued as to the current whereabouts of the real Manolo Gabbiadini (please stand up) and it turns out that he hasn’t made one single appearance for the Italian champions but he is part owned by them. Weird, huh? Interestingly, throughout his short career, Gabbiadini has always co-owned by two separate teams. 

His current owners are Sampdoria and Juventus and he will play for Sampdoria next season but you have to suspect that if Juventus got involved then they want to have 100% ownership once he has found his feet.

So, remember where you head the name Manolo Gabbiadini first as this could well be Italian football’s next big thing. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this clip and tell me otherwise. He has the skill set, the pace, the footballing IQ and the eye for goal.