The most ridiculous game of football (Video)

With the Australians getting destroyed in the cricket (ha) I thought I would share with you their finest football related moment.

Samoa, who aren’t exactly known as a country rich in footballing talent, were the victims of this Wallaby-‘shrimp on the barbie’ influenced onslaught in what has to be the most one sided game of football you will ever see.

32-0 it finished. Let that soak in. 32-0. How must the Samoan keeper have felt? 32 times the Aussies breached your defence and put the ball into the back of your net. Absurd. Surely, if the ref was a normal human being with emotions then he would have stopped this madness around the point the became 16-0.

The Australians don’t really care about football, do they? Neither do the Samoans. Rugby is more their thing but perhaps if they had performed a haka before this debacle they would have stood a better chance.

Some of the defending in this game is absolutely horrible. Can you imagine what Alan Hansen would have to say about it were it to happen in this country? The BBC would need to dedicate a whole show to him in order for him dissect every last piece of shoddy defending. And having Alan Hansen on T.V for an half an hour straight is something no one needs or wants.

Isn’t Tim Cahill, the former Everton player, Australian? I’m sure he is. Is he the most famous Australian who has played in the Premier League? No, no I think that award actually goes to former Manchester United and Chelsea goal keeper Mark Bosnich.

Anyway, try and see the lighter side of this humiliation that the Aussies inflicted on the Samoans.