Goal of the week: from the archive (Video)

This is a goal that is forever included on those ‘Greates goals ever’ compilations that you can’t help watching when you are supposed to be spending your time doing something else.

We all love a good 30 yard screamer that beats the keeper with its sheer pace and power or an eye catching team goal that involves sublime passing and a cracking finish.

This effort from Jay-Jay Okocha, though, is an exquisite display of dazzling footwork that results in the humiliation of not only the goalkeeper but also the five players that tried to tackle him.

Jay-Jay Okocha has to be one of my favourite Premier League players despite the fact he played for Bolton and under Sam ‘The Walrus’ Allardyce. He was rather gifted when it came to making an opponent look stupid by using his immaculate skill and flair. ‘Jay-Jay Okocha: so good they named him twice’ is the chant that would ring around the terraces and he has become something of a cult hero.

During his prime, Okocha was not dissimilar to that friend we all played football with when we were younger who was constantly doing stepovers and ridiculous tricks that no one would ever dare during a competitive game.

But Okocha had the tekkers to pull it off time and time again and this goal, from 1993 when Okocha was playing in for Frankfurt in Germany, was an early sign of the man’s knack for the spectacular.

So, enjoy this clip and let the legend of Okocha live on and look out for Oliver Khan’s look of disbelief at the end of it all.