The potential that Arsenal possess

I got thinking about the wonderful and fruitful relationship that Olivier Giroud and Luis Suarez could form up front for Arsenal, if the supposed transfer talk is true, that is.

First off, I don’t think Wenger would line up with two strikers as that’s not his philosophy and never really has been, has it? If Arsenal do sign Suarez I can see him being predominately used on the left wing or acting as the lone striker, but never alongside another striker like Giroud, but I’d give it a go if I was Wenger, anyway. I think the criticism that Giroud drew from “fans” and media analysts alike last year was harsh, his first couple of games he didn’t score and the whole world jumped on his back. He should have buried a few of them, but give him a chance, man! He did end up with eleven goals last season and I’m not sure assist wise but it was impressive for a player who spearheads the attack if I remember rightly. But with a 4-2-2-2 formation with Suarez alongside the French international starts to make me salivate, imagine Suarez with his clearly world class ability to drop deep, pick the ball up and run at defenders and Giroud certainly has the ability to drag defenders away and make the defensive line drop deeper and the pair of them definitely have got goals in them.
I think if Arsenal do sign Suarez, or anyone in that fact, they will definitely be with in touching distance of having a league winning squad, and that’s not just the typical blind fandom. I’d recognise when we have no chance, but Suarez and maybe Gustavo from Bayern who’s been transfer listed, another centre back (I hear Sakho is contemplating leaving PSG?) and Julio Cesar, and that’s just as good as another squad in the league in, my eyes. But knowing my luck we won’t get anyone and Higuain will probably play a blinder against us with his new club in the Emirates Cup that’s coming up… yay!