When I fell in love with a pair of football boots

I saw a picture of David Beckham’s gold Adidas Predators that he used to wear and, all of a sudden, I was consumed by nostalgia. 

Now, everyone has their preferred types of boots. I know a lot of people my age who would prefer the flashy, lairy boots. I’m talking about bright pink or neon green Nike Mercurial Vapors, which aren’t exactly my cup of tea but everyone has their preference when it comes to boots. I am a very big fan of the old black boots, you know the ones that look like they’ve just been plucked off a cows back and could withstand a bomb hitting them. I always wanted a pair of Adidas Copa Mundials, but never did buy any, which is gut-wrenching because I probably will never play football again at a level where I would need proper boots. I’ll probably buy a pair and knock about the house in them when I’m older so I can tick it off the bucket list.
My first boots that I needed to purchase were the old black preds with the red trim on it. I remember going into Hargreaves Sport in my town centre and just falling in love with them at first sight, I probably would still be a huge advocate of those boots if I still played, as what’s better than retro!? 
I then moved on to a lovely pair of bright red Puma Kings and they’re the last boots I ever bought due to my feet not growing since I was about 15, unfortunately I was too cheap to buy the real deal versions and opted for the one below, about sixty quid cheaper and it was on behalf of my mother who bought them.
The outline of the Puma began to fade eventually and then I passed them onto my sister in law who wore them in a charity football tournament. I am proud of those boots. I now rock a pair of real deal purple F50’s given to me by a friend, not the biggest fan of the looks but they’ll do I suppose. I wouldn’t mind a pair of diamond encrusted boots like Aubameyang of Borussia Dortmund has got, but money isn’t as easy to come by for me as him. Has any else got any suggestions of their all time favourite boots?