Ronaldinho in Paris (Video)

We all know him for his fabulous skill, silly hair, horse-like teeth and incredible flair; Ronaldinho will be remembered as one of the best footballers of his generation.

It would simply be a crime if he was not included in discussions and debates about who the best player of 2000s was, and I have to say that ol’ Ronnie is a personal favourite.

Purveyor of joga bonito, Ronaldinho destroyed teams single handedly in his prime. If it wasn’t his dazzling feet that beat you, it was his blistering pace.

At the age of 21 he moved from Brazil to Europe as he joined a Paris Saint Germain team that, interestingly, included Jay-Jay Okocha and Mikel Arteta. It was here that he was unleashed on Europe’s stage as he made everyone remember the kind of sensational talent Brazil can produce.

Have a look at this fantastic video of some of Ronaldinho’s best moments from his time in Paris and notice how the opposing defenders just don’t have a clue what is going on. Young Ronnie resembles a kid in a playground as he goes step-over mad.

It was these moments of brilliance that alerted to some of Europe’s biggest clubs and Barcelona were quick to sign him up and of he went to Spain to continue dominating teams there in a fantastic Barca side.

He’s back in Brazil now where he can still make an average defender look stupid but take a look at his time in Paris to see how devastatingly skilful he could be in open play.