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Which league is the best? – trophies (Video)

Whilst the English Premier League is the self-proclaimed greatest league in the world, and attracts the most viewers from a worldwide audience, is it actually the best league regarding quality of players, teams and football played, or is it just that the increased media coverage makes people believe that it is the finest on offer? This piece analyses the number of trophies won by each European league to see if the Premiership really is the greatest.

European Cup / Champions League.

Spain lead the way with 13 victories divided between the two obvious candidates; Real Madrid have nine titles and Barcelona the other four. However, Real Madrid last lifted the trophy in 2002 which means that it has been left to their fierce rivals to restore Spanish pride in this competition during recent seasons.

Italy and England are joint second with 12 victories each. Milan have seven titles, Inter have three and Juventus have two for the Serie A sides, whilst England have the most number of teams to have claimed glory. Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa have all been successful in this competition, with five, three, one, two and one victory respectively.

The traditional ‘big three’ leagues of England, Italy and Spain are well ahead of the chasing pack and it is impossible to separate them. If recent history is anything to go by though, Germany could soon be catching up to them, as they have had four teams in the last four finals.

UEFA Cup / Europa League.
Italy lead the way with nine victories for Serie A sides and six occasions where they have been runners-up. They last won the trophy in 1999, courtesy of a Parma win over Marseille, but no Italian side has even reached the final since then.
During the past ten years the Spanish teams have done well in this competition, with five victories and two runners-up slots. Atletico Madrid and Sevilla led the way in Europe’s second competition, with four wins between them; although until Chelsea claimed victory against Benfica just a few months ago the last time an English side won this trophy was when Liverpool sensationally defeated Alaves of Spain in a classic 5-4 scoreline back in 2001.

Unfortunately the competition has suffered from a negative perception in England that it is a tournament not really worth winning, hence the lack of effort by several teams to actually progress. Hopefully, Chelsea‘s win last season will encourage managers to take it more seriously and we might begin to see more English clubs making it to the final stages.

Overall, based on recent history, Spain definitely win the award for most trophies won although we know that winning cycles can, and do, come to an end. Is it now time for Germany to step forward and lead the way?

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