Arsenal’s Wonderkid – Gedion Zelalem

My article from yesterday has inspired my video choices for today, as I will provide three clips on some of the Arsenal youngsters I mentioned. I will start with Gedion Zelalem, who has impressed people the most. The player is still just 16 years old but  there are already whispers around the club that the German could be make the bench for Arsenal’s opening Premier League game against Aston Villa due to the Gunners having an extremely thin squad.

So what makes this player so special? Well, I briefly mentioned yesterday about his confidence while on the ball is something well beyond his age group. Now, with the aid of a video, I can prove exactly why I say this. From 1:09 in the video to the next clip demonstrates exactly why I think this. He had the option of passing back to his defender or the left-back beside him, but he kept the ball under control while under pressure and picked out a pass that allowed his team to go forward. You need extreme confidence at that age to do that. In fact, the next few clips continue to prove that. He doesn’t look for the obvious pass, which benefits the team in the long run as it could result in them embarking on an attack.

The other aspect of his game that I find impressive again involves his technical capacity. It’s his ability to find and execute passes which no one on the pitch would even consider attempting. He holds an unholy amount of vision which is where the Fabregas comparisons have derived from. From 1:39 onwards shows precisely why his vision is up there with the best or at least could be in the future.

Just enjoy the video, but never forget the fact that the player is a mere 16 years old.


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