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3 Of The Best: Football Boots

Whilst we all settle effortlessly back into the routine of the new football season, the fresh campaign offers us a chance to scrutinise a number of different aspects of the game.

Buying new football shirts is often part and parcel of a new season, likewise purchasing yourself and the kids new football boots, and perhaps even training gear. In fact, for a lot of us, choosing your footwear is one of the most important bearings of the season, and everyone has their own styles.

Traditionally the flash, colourful wheels for the winger and the no-nonsense, black boots for those in the centre of the pitch. Whatever tickles your fancy in the boot department, here are three that I have been impressed with so far in the early stages and why you may want to purchase a pair.

1) Nike Hypervenom

Worn by the likes of Neymar and Wayne Rooney, the Nike Hypervenom was moulded for a sense of agility in attack. The shape of the stud is designed to allow quicker release from the turf and therefore quicker reactions, while the shape of the boot wraps around the foot to allow a natural feel.

The improved control this boot offers is ideal for those attacking players looking to spark attacks. Certainly a flashy boot, though, so you may have to pull out a few tricks.

2) Puma Evospeed 1K

Sticking with boots designed for forwards, we swap to the Puma Evospeed, which are manufactured to allow rapid movement for those little terrier types. The chosen material is Kangaroo leather for an ultra-light feel, but the attention in detail is incredible. The tightened laces allow you to strike a ball cleanly and the studs effortlessly glide around the pitch, leaving you feeling like you are playing in nothing but a pair of socks.

You are likely to see Sergio Aguero sporting these in the games to come, which tells you how silky they look.

3) Adidas Nitrocharge

One for the traditionalist now, as we switch to Adidas. The three stripes have been displayed on many of our feet and are often seen around supporting the central midfield players. The Nitrocharge follow on from that and have been constructed for those ardent battles. There are protective guards over vulnerable areas and has been shaped to  retain kinetic energy.

 These are worn by Javi Martinez of Bayern Munich, amongst others.