Why A £40m Bid For Benzema Would Only Continue Tedious Arsenal Saga

It’s all well and good for fans of Premier League clubs. They attract the biggest stars from around the globe, they host some of the biggest clubs from European football and sit in state of the art stadiums. But when things go wrong, fans are always quick to jump down the throats of those employed by the club. Of course, big money sparks big expectations, but when Arsenal fans are ‘outraged’ at their manager not spending their £70m transfer fee despite clubs like Bury almost going to the toilet, it doesn’t sit right with some.

The Mirror are reporting that Wenger and co are set to make a £40m bid for Real Madrid star Karim Benzema after the France international has failed to impress over the summer and seen fans grow tired of his nonchalant displays. But what happens if the former Lyon goal-getter turns them down? We are back to square one with every media outlet writing the north London side off.

The Gunners failed with huge bids for Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Suarez over the summer and speculation continues to dominate our sports pages. But as the entire footballing nation turns away from the Emirates club in regards to a move, football fans have grown tired.

Whilst some of us are slogging it up and down the country to support our club in a ground without a roof, Arsenal fans are getting uppity about not spending an obscene amount of money. Of course, it’s not just about Arsenal, as they have to maintain the quality to challenge for trophies, but the constant whining has gotten under my skin.

Be grateful for what you have.