BETEGY: Using Science To Predict Football Results – Product Review

Football betting has become part-and-parcel of many of our weekends, and although not always successful, the temptation to use our footballing knowledge to try and win a few pennies at the weekend proves too much.

And although we all consider ourselves experts, the majority of us do not have the time, nor the patience, to trawl through hours and hours of form guides, suspensions and the latest injuries. So our money is often staked on a hunch or a tip from a friend.

That’s where BETERGY takes over. BETEGY is an online service that provides football predictions by using its own unique, self-learning algorithm to process a variety of statistical indicators. In simpler terms, BETERGY does all the hard work for us.

There are two main components as to how the research is conducted. The first takes into consideration the number-based aspects, for example, the recent performances and the amount of  goals they have scored. And the second layer of information is football related news, such as the latest transfer news, suspensions and injuries.

BETEGY – football predictions and betting tips.

A major positive for using the service is that it ensures that only relevant information is used – there is no human involvement whatsoever.

So, we know how thorough the research is, but how accurate are the results?

BETEGY strive for efficiency and uses every means possible to deliver that to you. The average accuracy of their football prediction is 80%, which is a very high percentage. On the opening day of the Premier League, BETERGY saw 6/10 predictions come to fruition, whereas nine of their 10 predictions overall paid out, which is an incredible hit rate.

The second weekend of the Premier League threw up a few surprises, most notably Cardiff beating Manchester City 3-2, but despite that, the BETEGY system was still correct with 7/10 of their result predictions in the English topflight.

 BETERGY don’t only predict the Premier League, however. They provide precise tips for 22 of the most popular leagues and cups, and even offer predictions for the Bundesliga, Champions League, Norweigan Tippeligaen, Brasilian Serie A and the English topflight for free.

Across the range of competitions there are a host of different bet types to choose from. Tips are provided for the following:


  • Recommended Bet
  • Draw Bet
  • Extreme Bet
  • Over Bet
  • Under Bet
  • Both teams to score Bet.


Needless to say there has been a vast amount of interest despite the company being in its early stages. Germany-based BMP Media Investors ploughed money into the business, as well as CNN Money and Wall Street Journal. Their growth is continuing also – they are looking to expand their coverage to 25 countries and reach out to both tennis and basketball.

Premium packages start from just €7.95 per month, so what are you waiting for? Get over to and turn the tips into cash.