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Is The Number Of Quality Centre-Backs In Decline?

This transfer window has seen money splashed about like it’s going out of fashion – with the concept of a player’s value now seemingly redundant. Yet in all this movement madness we have seen very little significant activity in terms of defensive transfers.

Now you might think that maybe the sides splashing the cash don’t need defensive cover – unfortunately not the case, with two of the big spenders Manchester City and Chelsea both looking in need of centre-back additions, whilst for all of Tottenham’s spending most enthusiasts would suggest they still need another centre-half.

The next question you have to ask is whether there are actually any stand out candidates for sides to invest in, a view point that certainly offers significant merit. That said, there is still decent talent around – but perhaps not as much as there once was.

Borussia Dortmund possess two of the stand out candidates in Nevan Subotic and Mats Hummels, two players who were believed to be wanted by several sides across Europe – yet the transfer talk has been strangely quiet. Outside of those two it is actually difficult to identify other world class defenders who might be available – Giorgio Chiellini is arguably the world’s best, but at 29 few will offer the sums required to tempt Juventus into a transfer. This is the case with the few others who are truly at the highest level, such as Vincent Kompany and Thiago Silva. Both are unlikely to be tempted from their current clubs.

Then there are players who have been talked about endlessly this window yet nothing has come close to materialising, for example Adil Rami and Toby Alderweireld, whilst Ezequiel Garay of Benfica has seen interest in him cool despite often being talked up.

It could be that whilst attacking and flair players have become ludicrously overpriced, the perceived value of defenders has not risen in the same manner. Further to that, sides are more comfortable spending vast amounts of their endless dosh on headlining grabbing forward players – even though an outstanding centre back could prove just as an effective signing. Nevertheless, defensive recruits simply do not bring in the same level of excitement, whilst you could also argue that the current trend in world football is to focus on attacking rather than defensive football.

So far in the window the only notable defensive move in Europe has been the signing of Marquinhos to PSG, although the fact that the French side spent £29 million on a player who helped Roma concede the second highest number of goals in the top ten of Serie A last season is starch evidence of the lack of options available.

Juventus has been another side to chance the defender market signing Angelo Agbonna from Torino for £13 million, a move that could prove sound in the long term. In England sides paying significant sums to increase their backline has been at a real premium, with only Southampton making a big money deal in this area – bringing in Dejan Lovren.

It is difficult to argue that the overall level of top quality defenders has not declined in recent year. That said, the number of sides seemingly oblivious to their need for reinforcements at the back is quite remarkable. It will be interesting to see as the season develops just how much certain sides regret their decision to sign yet another forward player rather than a less interesting but more needed quality centre back.