The Best And Worst Kits Of The Season – My Review

The new season doesn’t just bring new personnel to a club. No, it also brings with it the release of a new home and away kit for every club and the opportunity for football fans across the country to start talking about fashion instead of football. Now that every team has played both home and away, I thought it would be a good chance to gain some opinions about the 2013/2014 strips and look at which one has you rushing to the club shop to purchase it and which one has you rushing to the bathroom to be sick!

Let’s start with the obvious candidate, and perhaps most talked about since its release; the Liverpool away kit. Warrior may be a huge sportswear company famous in the USA for their sponsorship of Lacrosse, but their recent foray into the world of football has certainly left a lot to be desired with Liverpool’s newest strip.

Descriptions have ranged from Christmas jumper to 1980’s ski-wear to bad wallpaper and generally anything that looks like it came from the mind of a 3-year-old with a packet of crayons. Whilst the designers may genuinely have believed that this was a good look, and I seriously doubt it, they might be saving money by making sure that no-one will purchase it and consequently they will only have to pay for the manufacturing costs of one kit this season.

Onto Manchester United, who have thankfully decided to ditch the tea-towel home kit of last season and revert back to the traditional plain red shirt this year. They haven’t entirely scrapped the idea though as the away kit now resembles a tartan shawl that your granny might be pleased to receive as a birthday present!

Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea have gone for minimal designs that can’t enrage too many fans, whilst Cardiff owner Vincent Tan’s insistence that the club change their colours to red, so that they are more attractive in the Asian market, has resulted in the worst pair of shorts seen for some time. The decision to choose a different shade of red for the shorts has ended up looking like someone has forgotten to pack the proper kit and ended up having to borrow from the lost property box. This definitely requires a rethink next time!

I could go on, but I would prefer to hear your views about which are the best and worst. Go on, get criticising!

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